The creators of the Rowdies are identical twins Venetta and Corinne Butcher.

is the creative force behind The Rowdies. She's always crocheting or doodling. When she's not working on the Rowdies she loves visiting thrift stores and flea markets.
is the sound board for all the kooky ideas that Venetta comes up with. She also contributed the the most important aspect of The Rowdies, their NAME!

Upcoming Group Exhibitions:


Past Group Exhibitions:

"Gift Wrapped" Clutter Gallery, Beacon, NY
"Love Bugs" MothershipToyGallery x MartianToys, Philadelphia, PA
"Gift Wrapped" Clutter Gallery, Beacon, NY
"Gift Wrapped" Clutter Gallery, Beacon, NY
"Stitched 2" Clutter Gallery, Beacon, NY
"Brooklyn Biennial Submissional" Cotton Candy Machine, Brooklyn, NY
"Plush You" Schmancy, Seattle, WA
"Character Assassination" Somos Gallery, Salinas, CA
"Common Threads
" FOE Gallery, Northampton, MA
"Badass III
" FOE Gallery, Northampton, MA
"Character Assassination" Somos Gallery, Salinas, CA

The Rowdies

The name "Rowdies" comes from a childhood ritual my Dad would do when my sister and I were grouchy. Our dad would say that we had Rowdies which needed to be squeezed out of us. While recieving a hug to squeeze the Rowdies out he would say "Look at them go."Sometimes multiple hugs were needed to get all the Rowdies out, depending how bad our mood was. Today my sister and I are bringing the Rowdies to life with our artwork and story telling.